Thursday, March 31

I wish

that Greg would write everything down from his point of view like I did when I had surgery, but I doubt that will happen. So you'll get mine.

I was told when I got to the hospital this morning that he woke up around midnight and sat up and tried to pull on wires and tubes, so he had to be restrained and re-sedated. They called me a little after 8 to let me know they had removed his breathing tube and I could go back and see him. The FIRST thing he asked about was Jaina. He wanted me to bring the little booger to see him, so she and Meme brought him some balloons after school. I went to work today (a whole 5 minutes away) and Greg's parents stayed with him. The only way he can communicate is this goofy made-up sign language and writing us notes, so he's keeping a pen and paper next to his bed.

He's taking the computer from me. Thanks again for all of your prayers.

Wednesday, March 30


He is out of surgery... doc said it was difficult, but everything went extremely well. He will be in CCU tonight @ Conway Regional. He still has his breathing tube and they won't wake him up until tomorrow. Thank you all for your continued prayers.


Tuesday, March 29


Greg's surgery is tomorrow... poor guy is a little nervous!!!

Wednesday, March 16


We are all surviving. :) Sometimes I feel like we are just BARELY surviving! Jaina and I have had strep and felt bad since about Saturday night. My mom came an took us to the walk-in clinic on Sunday. I was finally able to go back to work today. Fortunately, my boss is letting me come in on Saturday to get some work caught up... That may take several Saturdays in a row at this point because I'm still not 100%.

Greg has surgery scheduled for March 30th. We're still not positive insurance will pay for it... we may have to push the surgery date back to fight the insurance company. It's to open his airway so he can breathe when he sleeps. I've been on the phone with the insurance company and am getting conflicting answers. The doctor's office says that our type of insurance (Blue Advantage) will NEVER cover this surgery. UGH!!!!!

On a happier note, it's been 1 year since my surgery! Thank GOD for all the wonderful people in my life and for bringing us through the last year!

Thursday, March 3


New laptop! I bought a replacement plan with my old one, so after they decided they couldn't fix what was wrong Best Buy replaced it for me. Woo hoo! The BEST news is that I'm no longer without a computer so I can maybe update a little. :)

Sunday, February 6

It's Sunday.

The kiddo still has an earache. Thankfully, a doctor that goes to church with us called her in some antibiotics and pain drops for it. I think I may go ahead and take her in tomorrow to get checked. Her chest rattles when she breathes and it makes me very nervous...

We drove down to Malvern after church this morning. I got a nice long nap while Jordan and my mom played with Jaina.

Now it's time for bed... Have a wonderful day tomorrow!!!

Friday, February 4

It's snowing...

for like the 4th time this year. Isn't that a record or something? LOL. At least in the 24 years I've been alive??

Now that it's snowing and I'm to afraid to drive anywhere, Jaina just decided to tell us her ear hurts. She's never actually told us that before so it makes me worry. She felt like she had fever, but is almost asleep now after motrin, ear drops, a princess story (by the way... Greg is slightly jealous that she likes the princess bedtime story book more then the Dr. Seuss book!), and her prayers. Let's hope nothing comes of it and she just bumped her ear or something (that could be possible, right?)

Monday, January 31


Check out my new blog!


OK, so I didn't post pics on here... but they're on facebook!

Saturday, January 22

Happy Birthday!

Happy birthday to Jaina! My sweet little girl is 2 today. She is such a blessing to us! We had a birthday party at my parents' house. This kid does not need ANY more toys! She has more than enough to last her until she outgrows them.

I will posts pictures soon. Maybe tomorrow... instead of my treasured Sunday afternoon nap!

Friday, January 21


Well, I'm updating (mainly for Chrystal :D). Greg has bronchitis. Jaina has a mild case of pneumonia. I've been giving them candy for taking their medicine without complaining. Jaina really acts like she is fine, she just has a bad cough. The doctor told me it was probably caused because she has had a lot of drainage and I've been giving her cough medicine to keep her from coughing all night, so all of the mucus has settled in her lungs since she couldn't cough and loosen it.

Jaina will be 2 tomorrow. Wow. She is so smart and SUCH a little character! I am enjoying every second of it! I can not wait to see what kind of person she grows into, but I really want her to stay little for me! I hope she is well enough for her birthday party tomorrow. I feel like this cake took me HOURS to make...

Goodnight for now. Maybe I will actually put some effort into keeping this blog updated for you. :)

Tuesday, November 9

can't sleep

So I'm blogging...

I had my 6 month follow-up with my neurologist a few weeks ago. Everything looks great! I'll go back in a year as long as my symptoms from the chiari malformation don't get worse before then. I'm still having severe headaches (accompanied by occasional ringing in my ears and vision problems)...maybe 1 a month that is BAD (like stay in bed all day bad) and 2-3 more in in a month that require meds, but I can still deal with everyday life. I also have pressure when I bend over or turn my head suddenly, and blacking out (not passing out, just everything goes black for a few seconds) when I stand up suddenly. It sounds a lot worse when I type it out than it actually is. At least I think so...

Jaina was a garden gnome for Halloween. She was adorable and it fit her perfectly! It was hilarious when we could get her to dance in her costume for us!

This was about the clearest picture I could get. She was waaaaay more interested in moving around and her candy instead of being still for me!


I just posted lots of pics on facebook! Go check 'em out!!!

Sunday, October 31

Hey all...

I guess I should update this thing, huh? :D

Jaina is now 21 months... I think? I keep losing count. LOL! It's easier to say she'll be 2 in January. She's been going to a babysitter that has some older kids so her vocabulary has EXPLODED in the past couple of weeks. She's still in 18 month clothes, with very few 2T.

We're trick-0r-treating tonight after church... should be lots of fun!!! I'll post pics eventually.

Monday, September 6


Jaina pooped in the potty. I'm very excited about it. :)

Saturday, August 21

Guess what?

After thinking about it for a long time...
After a couple of hospital stays for myself and a couple for Jaina...

I've decided I'm going to nursing school! I don't know where yet but I'm planning on starting next fall, so I have almost a year to get everything in order. The top runner is Baptist Health School of Nursing in Little Rock, simply because they help you get your pre-requisites as part of the program and everywhere else you have to have them before you can even apply. I have most of them, but is the 1 or 2 I don't have that will make it a pain. I'm really excited about it and I haven't been this excited about any career decision I've made up until now.