Thursday, March 31

I wish

that Greg would write everything down from his point of view like I did when I had surgery, but I doubt that will happen. So you'll get mine.

I was told when I got to the hospital this morning that he woke up around midnight and sat up and tried to pull on wires and tubes, so he had to be restrained and re-sedated. They called me a little after 8 to let me know they had removed his breathing tube and I could go back and see him. The FIRST thing he asked about was Jaina. He wanted me to bring the little booger to see him, so she and Meme brought him some balloons after school. I went to work today (a whole 5 minutes away) and Greg's parents stayed with him. The only way he can communicate is this goofy made-up sign language and writing us notes, so he's keeping a pen and paper next to his bed.

He's taking the computer from me. Thanks again for all of your prayers.